The scribe innovations advantages:

  • We offer a free trial so that we can perform an on-site, real-time evaluation of the office or Emergency Department and customize the program based on our findings
  • We have direct participation of a board certified Emergency Physician in scribe training
  • We do not charge initial start up costs.


During this phase, the professionals from Scribe Innovations will work shifts to familiarize your facility with the concept of scribes and how to work with scribes. We will also perform a detailed analysis of your facility and its operations and design a custom tailored program to accommodate your facility’s specific needs.

During this phase, we carry out the steps necessary to implement the program designed during the free trial period including the following:

-Recruiting and hiring by Scribe InnovationsClassroom and online training in medical terminology  

- Customized training for you facility’s EMR

- Basic training in billing, coding and critical care documentation  

-Supervised in-department training for each scribe until they are competent to work independently

During this phase, we take the steps necessary to ensure that your scribe program grows to meet your changing needs 

-Monthly evaluations of scribe performance

-Continuing education in advanced medical terminology

-Continuing education in advanced billing and coding

-Recruitment and hiring of new scribes as needed for turnover and expansion