Physician group benefits:

  • Better physician satisfaction
  • Better physician recruitment and retention
  • Reduced overtime
  • Better reimbursement


Physician benefits:

  • More efficient and accurate documentation
  • Tracking of lab and x-ray results
  • More time at the bedside and less time at the computer
  • Less time spent documenting after shifts
  • Opportunity to mentor future health care professionals
  • Detailed documentation leading to greater reimbursement and less downcoded charts


Hospital benefits:

  • Increased physician efficiency leading to better wait times, reduced LWOBS, and decreased average length of stay
  • Help meet meaningful use criteria
  • Increased patient satisfaction scores


Patient benefits:

  • More time with the physician
  • Additional avenue to communicate with the physician


Scribe benefits:

  • Unparalleled exposure to the field of health care
  • Scribe Innovations provides premedical mentoring and counseling for all scribes