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Don’t let your Electronic
 Medical Record compromise your productivity and take you away from your patients.


Scribe Innovations can help you…

  Improve physician and patient satisfaction

   Improve productivity and decrease time spent
     documenting after hours

   Improve physician recruitment and retention

   Transition smoothly from paper charting to an EMR

   Increase billing and meaningful use capture

   Improve throughput metrics


We also feature…

   A free trial period of scribe services

   No up-front start-up costs

   Direct physician involvement in scribe training

   Patient flow consultation


The Scribe Innovations Philosophy


Scribe Innovations is a new scribe company with a unique view on the scribe business. Alana, Rebekah, and I started this endeavor because of our disappointment with how, in  the pursuit of profits, the larger scribe companies have lost their focus on the goal of improving patient care.   


At Scribe Innovations, we strive to be more than just a vendor. We want to be a partner in patient care, and our focus is on the people, not the profits. Our goal is to enhance the ED experience for the patient and the physician while providing aspiring young healthcare professionals invaluable experience to the field of medicine.


We are confident that you will enjoy the difference that our people oriented philosophy makes, and we enjoy helping improve Emergency Department care so much that we are willing to offer free trial so that you can experience the benefits firsthand. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have about our services.


Roderick Bennett M.D. M.B.A. FACEP, Alana Sosa, and Rebekah Van Gieson, 
the Scribe Innovations Team